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Best place to do eyelashes extensions in Dubai

Hey my lovely friends happy valentine day hope your all doing great,Today post is about eyelashes extensions, I just want to introduce you my new service that i offer at home in lowest prices ever 😉.

You want to do eyelashes extensions? 

Ok! Here are some little tips that you have to go true before getting an appointment.

__ first preparation: please always clean your natural eyelashes before going to you appointment because if your wearing makeup you might look funny later if the technician got your mascara off.

__ go rest room before you lay on bed😊 yeah it takes too long sometimes.

__ for some reason better to put your mobile phone silent during the application, that good for you and your technician.

How to choose best eyelashes artist?

Hmmmm… in my opinion I never noticed or judge someone by seeing her only so it’s better to try, I know eyes are a bit difficult to trust or give to anyone so if you’re looking for professional eyelashes extensions artist better to read reviews about her job online ( sometime review are fake so….🤔).

Which eyelashes extensions are good for our health?

Nowday people pretend to love natural things but for eyelashes extensions be careful about the products, quality , glue and hygiene!

💯 natural eyelashes extensions are not healthy for our own lashes because of many things if you’re willing to know drop your comment 👇🏾


NB: eyelashes extensions last for 3 to 4 weeks and can be redone! Never keep your eyelashes more than that even if your therapy told you to do so.

Home care

After the application is done ✅ you have 2 to more hours do not wash your face with water and do not use everything oil base products around your eyes area.

My eyelashes extensions price list 

1×1 or single eyelashes extensions application: 200 dirham

2 or 3 D eyelashes extensions or Russian volume 300 dirham and infills are 150dhrs of single one and 200 for the volume.

If you want to book your appointment contact me (mbangdeborah@yahoo. com )

I do home service every day from 8 to 10 and Friday any time. Hope this article will be helpful for you and see you soon!❤️

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