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3 things I learned throughout the year 2017

The year is coming to an end and it is a very precious moment where we sometimes want to evaluate the things we have been through this year. I thank the Lord because 2017 was or is a year where I knew a lot of good and bad memories but in life ...

My last purchases

Hello my beauties, I hope you are well. The month of November draws towards the end and every month I like to offer myself something precious; Since the makeup product has always been my favorite everyday and (today was White Friday) I took the opportunity to ...

How to take a Selfie. # Ad

Nowadays it is not enough to be a photographer to get beautiful pictures. A simple phone (smart) can be used to call, take pretty pictures, make a seizure (other phones come with word, excel) .Habiter alone helped me a lot to improve my taking photos, without help a person. The…

Makeup bag for beginners

Hello! I hope you're fine, A friend asked me 2 times ago that she wanted full makeup products for her everyday bag and for a low-cost beginner. After our interview I thought about where to start to offer something ...

Clean skin: sweet almond oil

You can have a uniform skin at a lower cost. It took me a long time to find out what type of skin I have and how to take care of it. Today I'm going to share my little secret that helps me a lot. Sweet almond oil has been known since Antiquity more precisely in Egypt ...

Breast cancer: all together fight

When I was younger I did not know the importance of health until I started work in another country where health is paramount and there are some breast exams that you can do. requires to do before the procedure of residence. But not only health ...

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