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Makeup bag for beginners

  • Hello! I hope you are well,

A friend asked me that 2weeks ago that she wanted full makeup products for her everyday bag and for a low-cost beginner. After our interview I thought about where to start to offer something good and quality.

In the world of makeup, you have to know how to create, mix ...   

So one evening after work I went to a beauty shop (Right here )to choose a dyed foundation that will match his skin; my complexion is more important than anything else in the Makeup, as it is sometimes better to mix the expensive and less-expensive brands in everything.

The second day I went to another store (lifestyle) to just have a look I fell in the products Nyxwho was on sale here I took a contouring palette for dark skin.


You have to buy a product for several uses!

So this palette is divided into 3

* the contouring part

* The illuminator

* the fixateu powder

Its 3 small cabbages can be used as eyeshadow, eyebrow powder, etc .... it cuts down on expenses and saves space in his bag every day.

let's go to the lips especially I prefer the color red. She is uniform when it comes to making the choice to someone else. Red goes with any type of skin and it's simple and classic. So I choseKikotheir reds are super good and less expensive.


A makeup without brown (fixative) for me does not take for a long time and the complexion tends to change after several hours of wearing.


If buying a brunette is + for me of times I use the water of

I hope this post will help you ...

Thank you and see you soon

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