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3 things I learned throughout the year 2017

The year is coming to an end and it is a very precious moment where we sometimes want to evaluate the things we have been through this year. I thank the lord because 2017 was or is a year where I knew a lot of good and bad memory but in life everything that happens to us has a value that its positive or negative we end up retaining a lesson.


A lot of things happened to me this year when I could not make a decision. Taking responsibility for my life and stop blaming my loved ones has been fighting for many years but finally I'm defeated At the beginning of the year 2017 I promised Angela (me) that this year is productive on the job side. 'to the personal side.


Since I started working in 2011 I have not been so proud or proud in a company so it turns out that changing companies has become a habit. Yes I do it and without lying there is always something that I learn every time I change a society (maybe it's not professional others tell me) but in life everyone has their own way of your things


Ah well here it's a little complicated my life changed a lot this year to the point I was really shot, maybe there are some who follow me for a long time in my social networks who know that I'm married or (was married) It's a story I do not like to talk about but sometimes telling your story can help or strengthen another ...

I knew my Mr .... In 2012 after 9 months of relationship he proposed me in marriage as any girl, my answer was only YES, after our wedding we returned here (Dubai) I found because of change, until the day when a mistress my (so-called husband) had called me to tell me stupidities. Frankly I lived this misery for 5 years, every day was a fight for me and I pondered what decision to make, will it be the best? I did not want to put the blame on anyone. One night I said Angela it's time to give meaning to your life and the next day I took a new path without a companion (better to be alone than to have a slow poison at his side).


As it is often said it is a verb difficult to conjugate of times one expects from someone else without forgetting that one must love oneself before receiving this love coming from the opposite sense. When I left my matrimonial home I learned to love myself, to appreciate myself, to give value to even!

Thank you for your visit! And see you


  • Elisabeth Ngo Tam

    very edifying and touching, all that you say, the history of your professional and personal lives, I simply say "hat" because you have made the transition without depression, you have to do the share of things, you have go ahead, go ahead and your door is going to be full of fruit. good wind to you and quickly that 2018 explodes of happiness.

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