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How to take a Selfie. # Ad

Nowadays it is not enough to be a photographer to get beautiful pictures. A simple phone (smart) can be used to call, take pretty pictures, make a seizure (other phones come with word, excel) .Habiter alone helped me a lot to improve my taking photos, without help a person.

The selfie is taking a photo with a smart phone without the help of a person.

So the self-portrait has grown since 2013 where you no longer need to buy a camera.

Tips for taking a good selfie

- Light

- The angle: stretch your arm to the maximum and zoom slightly to remove the wide angle effect

- The expression: adopt a sweet smile to embellish the photo

With more than 9000 review the Airbrush app helps to edit photos in a simple and effective way.

Method used during a selfie taking

- have a smart phone and some equipment

- earphones

- remote trigger

- save a video then do the screen shoot (screenshot)

To know more you can visit the sitemobile24It offers the best tips for taking selfie and many other things.

The photos always tell the beautiful stories (you're beautiful do not listen to what people are saying)

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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