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Breast cancer: all together fight

When I was younger I did not know the importance of health until I started work in another country where health is paramount and there are some breast exams that you can do. requires to do before the procedure of residence. But not only health for work is better for our daily life, who would like to be sick? Me especially I would say not me! Every morning I say to God daddy thank you and watch over my health because without it the Dihram can not enter

2in my colleague was sick of uterine cancer Oh lord it was my first time to see a cancer patient I can not describe my emotions that famous day in the hospital my colleague was in a state of despair, she cried incessantly because the pain was intense; her life had a sudden pause, she took the treatment one to two weeks in a hospital in the square because it was free yes we helped him all at work we participate what each had to bring the help my colleague later she recovered after 1 year and a half.

As life is the caning as some say she had to come back to her job that helps her to support her family by passing she was married (she had left her husband here on his return his lover had already found better elsewhere Oh, what a misery to leave a grave and lose one's home) the day I went to see her I cried for a long time because she had no hair, no eyelashes or eyebrows

But her smile showed me that she is a brave woman, a decisive woman, to say in life you must always have the time and be proud of what you have because others do not have one.

HOW TO AVOID Cancer of the uterus?

* pass a text PAP it allows to diagnose any problem in your organs (cervix)

* use the condom

* make the HPV vaccine

* do not smoke, eat healthy and drink plenty of water

Me especially I do not like to give my money in the boxes of donation by what I say to myself being in an Arab country they will not go to Africa to give that! But with many experiences I realized that good is never lost no matter where we come from or we live

When something happens to us we have to say that it's a chapter of our life because life is a book

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