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the 2018 year and my goodbye projects 2017

Hello my beauties, I hope you have a good and happy year 2018.The 2017 year is finally gone with its wind (in all directions) now I start a new adventure with 2018, I thank God for keeping me throughout this year; These past 12s that it is in the joy that in the pain I took a lesson. Without delay the year 2017 brought me many things: the professional side that staff etc ...

I do not like setting goals at the beginning of each year for fear of not reaching them and having pain later but this year must be for me a year of change especially on the professional side  



I have always planned to create my own structure but this fear of .... the time has come when I have to get down to it and know what is good for me and focus on my blog would be a priority throughout this year by what my dream was to have a professional blog but then ... Always consider a post without writing it (I promised myself to change on this subject) read my last article here

So tap it you will have all the 2 days a new post on different items especially beauty. The opening of my YouTube channel that is planned for months will be real soon Yesii a lot of good things happen.

Without forgetting my shop! in my pagemouhebeauty I always get the inbox (Hi where to buy this product) weeh soon this would be available online in my shop and at an affordable price.

Do you want to learn makeup or eyelashes? The courses will be available soon in my site and regularly the masterclasses in Cameroon so follow my social networks to be informed!

Let's be social if you're in love with make-up, hair or anything else let your name comment and links to your social networks I will follow you vis versa ✌@mouhebeauty

Thanks for reading soon


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